Multi-channel sales at a SalesRay distance

For a lot of people, the last couple of months have been a lesson. For people who run their own businesses, it has been a very difficult lesson. Many have closed down completely or suspended their business. Others began a panicked search for options to survive and began selling online. Restaurants were able to start offering take-away food as a life belt, and most goods of all types were being circulated freely through courier companies. With the boom of online shopping, the market suddenly took on the form it had already been transitioning to over recent years. Everyone already knew full well that sales are not just made over the counter, especially at times like these. In fact, in order to have more of everything (revenue, customers, profit), you need to have more ways of making sales.

It's time for your business to follow the 'natural' evolution of sales.

Being up-to-date with new globalization-driven strategies and online shopping is no longer a choice, but a necessity. SalesRay will be your partner in the transition to multichannel sales, without needing months for research and integrations. Your sales through external merchants (Amazon, eBay, eMAG), from your own website or multiple websites (based on Cloudcart, Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce, Seliton), as well as those done through traditional channels (physical store, call center) are just a SalesRay distance away.

Consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to a comfortable shopping experience while using multiple channels, devices, and platforms. The customer doesn't really care if they have placed their order through a Smartphone during dinner, or on their work laptop. They want your product immediately or at the latest tomorrow, delivered to their door.

As a result, a single-channel sales strategy, whether catalogue trading, call centres, or in a physical store, is already a difficult way of attracting increasingly demanding customers. You need to be where your client is - at the laptop in the office, in the apps on his Smartphone, or on social networks. You need to fulfil their wishes, be close to them to sell them what they need.

If you are already aware of these trends and have decided to act and add new channels, but still find it difficult to imagine how they are managed, how will you create a permanent connection and unified information between them, how will stock be monitored, how will you even know what the revenue is from a particular channel, etc.?

There is a clear answer to all these questions - with SalesRay.

The solution is the implementation of a high-end ERP system, which is not an isolated software, but one directly integrated with all sales channels. This gives you the freedom to add channels and manage them, regardless of the level of your business. SalesRay has an automated connection with a large number of established international sales channels, payment systems and shipping companies. Expand your business with a high-end cloud software that has the right tools to develop multi-channel sales.

What are the most important tools for successful multichannel sales?

Functionality #1: Unified interface for all sales

The main management tool available in our ERP software is the single interface for multi-channel sales. It allows the creation of a uniform customer service environment regardless of the sales channel. This eliminates the difficulties in organizing a single pricing policy and ensures the same, excellent customer experience, no matter where and how they shop.

A single interface containing all the relevant information is key to the connection between different service channels. It guarantees that all customer types will receive the same price, discounts, delivery options, return methods, regardless of where the communication with the company starts and ends.

Yes, price policy management can be quite a difficult task, but with SalesRay you can unify your price policies, lists and promotions. If you decide you want to differentiate them, for example to sell with a 15% discount only through your website, you can use our software to organize and monitor this. The sales interface and its settings allow for a high level of freedom in all possible scenarios. However many different cases you may have, they are all covered and managed in the system.

Functionality #2: Logistics without borders

Multi-channel sales can't happen without good logistics. It definitely becomes more complicated when one item can be sold in different places and you need to work out the most profitable site to transport it from. If there are several physical warehouses, the optimum availability of each of them must be specified. SalesRay's warehouse module provides ways of creating and managing any geometry with multiple warehouses and sub-stores with sites, shops and POS.

With the intelligent Stock and Operations module, you will know at any moment where and how much of an item, material or product you have. The interface allows the user to decide where to fulfil orders, automatically generates delivery documents, monitors stocks and sends out alerts at minimum quantities, etc.

In addition, SalesRay also supports integrations with shipping companies. This saves time and money by automating delivery work, while tracking of goods and overall logistics activity is greatly facilitated.

Functionality #3: Automatically add additional channels through integrations

The third important tool that is of great benefit to SalesRay customers is the automatic addition of more sales opportunities through integrations. It doesn't matter which of the traditional channels you use and which new channels you add. If you’re selling on your website, for example, you can immediately start selling to external retailers such as Amazon, eBay and eMAG. If you have a physical store, you can add a new channel through your own website (based on Cloudcart, Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce, Seliton or custom-made) within hours with SalesRay. Integration becomes fast, intuitive and fully functional into your software.

Let your team focus their attention on a well-organised and convenient interface for all sales - no matter the sales channel they are on. With the tools provided by SalesRay you can process every transaction - going from "possible" to "completed" status - in a single place, without endless clicking and opening dozens of tabs. Let your business develop through several channels so that the next lessons are easier to learn.

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