Upgrade your business here and now

ERP, CRM and BI system for your sales, purchases, logistics management and financial operations, organised in the way successful companies work.

Powerful Performance

Even in the SalesRay starter package we provide the rich functionality of a high-class system – an ideal alternative to expensive ERP systems.

Integrated System

CRM/ERP/BI + out-of-the-box integrations with marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, payment gateways and shipping/fulfilment providers.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are very competitive and will help you scale your business without expensive overheads. Spend the money you’ll save on other expenses.

Quick Start

The system you get is already preconfigured and ready-to-go. Easy import of all the information you need to start working straight away.

Your real-time business dashboard

Real-time information

See the whole picture. Know where your business stands at any time and how it’s performing against your strategic goals.

Access from anywhere

You can access the system from any device without installing it. It also works on all kinds of Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Sales Orchestration

Combine and manage in a single place sales from all your physical and online channels. Save time, cost and complexity with unified logistics for all orders.

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Integrated system

SalesRay is not a "closed" system that works only with its own data. The ERP system is integrated with multiple international channels dedicated to e-commerce, payment systems and courier companies. All you need to be able to run your business in one place at full speed!


And many more, depending on your partners ...

Demo SalesRay

The best way to see SalesRay in action is to give it a go yourself! It's a bespoke system created just for you. We've already pre-loaded the demo with sample data so that you can test it out!

What are ERP systems?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications incorporate the resources and processes needed to run a business into a single system, accessible to all employees. ERP solutions help you collect, store, and manage data from different parts of your business to create an informed and relevant overview. ERP systems help eliminate data duplication and ensure integrity through user permissions.

Reasons for implementing an ERP system

ERP - причини за внедряване на ERP система
  • Improving efficiency - 64%
  • Creating appropriate conditions for your business to grow - 57%
  • Reduction of required working capital - 57%
  • Better customer service - 54%
  • Facilitating the work of employees - 49%
  • Better integration of operations in different locations - 41%
  • Replacing an old ERP or other solution - 38%
  • Fulfillment of a parent company requirement - 32%
  • Ensuring compatibility of regulatory requirements - 29%
  • Following the model of other companies that have implemented the ERP solution - 24%
  • Standardization of global activity - 7%
  • Other - 7%

SalesRay = ERP + CRM + BI

ERP - интегрирана система ERP+CRM+BI

The integration of the ERP system with the CRM and BI module makes SalesRay a unique solution that offers a complete set with everything a modern company needs to be competitive in today's market.

The CRM module offers another extremely important perspective to the business activity - a comprehensive customer service. System integration ensures comprehensive, real-time information in each customer's file - which is extremely important to help make quick decisions within the sales team.

For SalesRay BI reports we use Qlik, a world leader in BI solutions. This allows us to offer you maximum added value, providing you with a truly proven and state-of-the-art analysis solution.